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You are not in the IT business. You’re in the Utilities. You are selling power!

So do not use business software that forces you to spend more resources on IT support to help you integrate all your systems and business functions.

You need one, simple solution that can simplify your entire business.  

SEPIN Utilities Platform runs on the most powerful cloud computing - Microsoft Azure. Provided as a service, you access it over the Internet, which frees you from complex and expensive hardware management.

SEPIN Utilities Platform Key Technology Areas:

    Easily and securely connect your Internet of Things assets

  • SEPIN Cloud
    Real-time stream processing in cloud. Perform real-time analytics for your Internet of Things solutions.

  • SEPIN Mobile
    Highly scalable, native, offline ready apps with data syncs.

  • SEPIN Web
    Continuous integration and delivery. Easily scale applications with high availability

  • SEPIN Analytics
    Turn your data processing efforts into analytics and reports that provide real-time insights into your business

  • SEPIN Integration

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